About Us

The root of ANJ International can be traced back to the Great Smokey Mountains. Back in 2000at the university of volunteers, two UT MBA students dreamed about starting their own online business. The dream continued after graduation and eventually came into fruition in 2017. The love of nature formed the initial shape of ANJ international. We developed our first line of outdoor products like outdoor blankets, camping towels, and waterproof pouches which are loved by many of our customers.

Our dream did not stop there. Camping and going to the beach are the most favorable activities  not only by us, but also our families and friends. However, when shopping for sleeping bags for our trips, we found out that there was no good choice available to kids. It was either of low quality, or of a boring design unattractive to our kids. This sparked us to develop something tailoring to kids, so that we can better  serve our customer’s whole family.

Our first line of kids sleeping bags was launched at the end of 2020 – the Adventure theme sleeping bags. They feature cute graphic designs loved by kids, as well as detailed practical features for outside use, including mummy shape, dual layer silk cotton filings and extra pillow sleeves, etc.  Furthermore, we carefully balanced the features and the costs – right in the middle for everyday users.

Immediately after its launch, the Adventure theme sleeping bags were warmly welcomed by our customers. It ranked the #1 new release in American most popular e-comm. marketplace.

Encouraged by our customers’ receptivity, we have developed more themes and more items for our young friends including sleeping bags, camping chairs, and tents, etc. This leads to the inauguration of our KidzAdventureTM series.

Thank you for visiting our store and reading our story! Please contact us at info@kidz-adventure.com if we can assist you in any way. Happy shopping!